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Coaching that moves You from Success to Significance

I coach leaders who want to make significant changes because they have reached a point of realising "what got me here won't get me to the next level” . 


You may already be highly successful, in fact your colleagues and peers may applaud your success, but your inner world may be in turmoil and you are afraid of burning out; or you have received feedback that your style is not creating an environment that gets the most out of your people; or perhaps you have the opportunity to create something remarkable – a legacy that you and others can point to that fundamentally changes the course of your organisation or team.


Or maybe you are a female leader who wants to explore "the female voice" and how to use your "woman in a man's world" status to your advantage.


If you're a leader who wants to create yourself from a deep inner stance that is uniquely you, to fully own your authentic way of being in the world, then I'd love to work with you!

Coaching agreements are 12, 6, or 3 months duration.

New for 2024, I have 1 spot available on my "Ultimate Creation" programme which is a 1 year bespoke coaching and mentoring programme tailor made for you. If you are committed to stretching beyond your wildest dreams I'd love to work with you! 


My clients are deeply committed to finding their inner stance so that they can lead more powerfully in alignment with who they are.  

  • You are self-motivated and have more to give, and you don’t know how to get there.

  • Your career is important, but you feel that you work too hard to have the life you want.

  • You are outwardly successful, but inwardly in turmoil and want to align the inner and outer worlds.

  • You want to simplify everything and work on your highest priorities.

  • You are willing to make consistent changes to increase your effectiveness and consciously create your reality and everyone in it.

  • You want to break free of your currently held beliefs about what it takes to be significant.

  • You are willing to get out of your own way and test, test, test even when it's really uncomfortable. Especially then!

  • You are willing to see the very best in yourself and others. Always.

  • You are willing to go deep and show up in total honesty. Always. 

I make significant investment in my own personal and professional growth and have worked with some of the best leaders and coaches in the world. I offer a space of deep listening and non-judgement where you can explore your deepest concerns and celebrate your triumphs.


  • I'm all about personal attention and tailoring my approach and take a stand for your highest goals.

  • I am totally committed to what you want to achieve and will be 100% honest and serve you rather than please you. 

  • I offer authentic exploration and am always there to shine the torch on the possibilities you cannot yet see.

  • I will support you in shifts in thinking rather than focusing on techniques or strategies alone.​

  • I maintain the ethics and standards of behaviour set out by the International Coaching Federation.

I am the Coach and Mentor who is in your corner...

Let’s Work Together

Our initial consultation is complimentary and is designed to connect and establish your goals and how best I can support and empower you. Confidentiality guaranteed.

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Confidentiality guaranteed. Serious enquiries only.

Piotr Macieja, Leadership Coach

"I am in awe of how working with Caroline helped me to create myself and take a stand for my work. I regained my voice and confidence by stepping into my true nature. I am profoundly grateful for your guidance and leadership."

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