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Established in 2020 by Caroline Hughes who stands at the intersection of leadership and personal development.

"I believe that organisations are rich academies in which we learn all the skills and capabilities we need to be powerful leaders and human beings. However, the missing link is often the clear understanding of the inner Leadership Stance."



By the time we retire at 65, we have spent 29 years of our lives at work. So, when work doesn’t work, it is personal. Therefore, it’s on each of us to take responsibility for how we contribute to whatever challenges arise; and take action.

I’m the “been there, done that” leader who has led both small homogenous teams, and built geographically dispersed teams – the most complex of which was in CRH PLC, a FTSE 35 multinational with €25bn assets – where I was Global Director of Leadership Development.

Conscious Leadership is a way of being that empowers leaders to find their inner stance so they can lead more powerfully, and create a culture that inspires others to do their best work and increase productivity and performance. 

We work on the basis that every leader has their unique internal reference system through which they experience work. This impacts how they show up, how they create possibility for others, how they lead and develop others. Our programmes and tools enable leaders to discover who they need to be to lead powerfully. 

We co-create tailored programmes that address the specific challenges you're facing, and enable you to create new possibilities that get delivered through your ways of working.

Our coaching and development solutions are about developing the capability to do difficult things in a human way, and create high-performing teams that are aligned with your vision and values.

Leadership teams don't magically coalesce overnight. Nor do leaders assume they are part of a team without it being clear as to why this team exists. 

In diagnosing the cultural impact of your teams' dominant behaviours we go deep to explore the gap between the expectations of how work gets done and the lived experience in the organisation. This paints a clear picture of the current reality of your employees and provides a platform for clearing away the old stories of the past and empowering leaders to create the future from the future you envision. Thus leading to improved communication, increased leadership impact, and higher performance levels.

And our results speak for themselves. We've enabled leaders to transform their leadership impact, and their teams are achieving unprecedented success. Our clients have reported increased productivity, higher employee retention rates, and increased trust and engagement levels.

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Updates On Latest In Leadership Development And Coaching

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