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Recognise the Signs. Manage the Conversations. Get Well and Stay Well.

By the end of 2018 Caroline was at the top of her career, and had trained for and trekked to Base Camp Everest in her spare time!  Throughout 2019, she got used to functioning through the tiredness that sleep never seemed to cure. Her mind racing, her body feeling a constant state of jetlag, she treated her weekends as time to catch up on sleep, and ignored chronic pain as her body literally screamed at her to stop.  But stopping was simply not in her vocabulary when there was much to be done!  Her strategy was to do a deal a day with her body to do "just one more" more meeting, one more flight, one more conference call, one more trip, one more project, just one... 

Those three little words were a dangerous mantra as she had no idea what she was walking herself into. 

It was only following her collapse in December 2019, that she finally started to listen. Her body intervened in a conversation for which she had no words.  A life-changing, year-long rollercoaster of recovery began. 

Drawing on her vast experience as a HR Executive, and her recovery, Caroline offers support on two levels: 

Organisation Level

  • Wellbeing at work strategies 

  • Recognise the signs, have wellbeing conversations 

  • Proactive support for colleagues on the edge of burnout 

  • Inspirational talks on her personal story of burnout and recovery 

Individual Coaching

  • Recognising your stress levels and how your behaviour is impacting others

  • Putting words on what is actually happening and managing self-judgement

  • Strategies to talk about your burnout and the support you need to recover

  • Transitioning back to work - healthy boundaries for ongoing wellbeing

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